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The goal is to organise a training course between 25th June – 5th July 2018 in Velké Pavlovice, Czech Republic for 32 participants of 8 NGOs from 8 countries on how to apply digital graphical facilitation techniques and methods in youth work activities.

  • Type: Erasmus+ K1 Mobility of Youth Workers
  • Topic: Digital Graphical Facilitation
  • Venue: Velké Pavlovice, Czech Republic
  • Project dates:  25th June – 5th July 2018 (25th and 5th are travel days)
  • Participants: 4 participants per country
  • Countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Hungary
  • Working language: English
  • Application deadline: 3rd of May 2018

Project Overview

This is an introductory course to digital graphical facilitation and is addressed to beginners and no prior knowledge in drawing and animation is required. The participants will be guided through every step.

The Erasmus+ project “Draw Your Story II” consists on using software and projection screens in performing graphical facilitation. There are many advantages in using graphical facilitation digitally, most importantly: the reuse of visual elements that compose visual vocabulary, the ease of showing relations between visual elements, the low cost compared to the materials of hard copy graphical facilitation, the capacity to be promoted in the online/offline environment.

Objectives of the project are to develop practical skill and competence on how to apply digital graphical facilitation techniques and methods in youth work activities, increasing the capacity of organizing trainings, events and other youth activities using digital graphical facilitation methods and techniques.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to visual thinking
  • Basic principles and elements in graphical facilitation
  • Visual vocabulary and storytelling
  • Basics drawings in Adobe Illustrator
  • Basics animations in Adobe After Effects

What you will not learn:

  • Graphic Design
  • Photoshop or Lightroom
  • Advanced Adobe Illustrator skills
  • Advanced Adobe After Effect skills

To see what to expect check out our video from the previous project:

Accommodation and Food

The host organization will provide and cover the accommodation and food.
The hotel is located in the heart of Velké Pavlovice, only 40 km away from Brno – the second largest city of Czech Republic. The project will be held at “Ekocentrum Trkmanka”, which is a reconstructed former Renaissance fortress. Accommodation will be arranged for 2-3 persons/room, grouped by gender. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the same location every day. Each room has its own bathroom. There is a free internet wireless connection available but the speed might be very slow in comparison to your normal internet in your country.

Participant Profile

The target group of this project are youth workers who are interested in improving their competences on using digital drawing, graphical and animation tools to present, facilitate or document a learning process in a non-formal learning context, such as a training course, exchange, seminar, international event, workshop.

The specific criteria based on which we will evaluate applicants and select participants:

  • Experience in youth work
  • Interest in the topic of the project
  • Motivation to participate in the project
  • Experience in facilitation or supporting group learning activities

Participant’s pre-requisites:

  • Be a youth worker
  • Be present and have an active participation on all sessions of the TC
  • Show initiative and interest in the topic and follow up activities
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a communicative level of English language

Travel Information

The travel budget for Slovak participants is 180 EUR. You must keep all the bills, boarding passes and all kinds of tickets with you because host organization needs them to reimburse your travel cost.

For participants traveling to Brno from Bratislava, the last train departs at 18:10 in order for you to be able to catch the last train from Brno to Zaječí. It takes around 1.5 hour and the price varies between 6-7 euros or 155-181 Czech koruna.

The arrival station is called Zaječí. The trip from Brno to Zaječí train station takes from 25 to 45 minutes. The last train departs from Brno at 21:10.

From the arrival station Zaječí there is only 3.3km to the project facilities. You can choose either to walk this distance, which would take around 40 minutes or to take another train from Zaječí station to Velké Pavlovice station. The last train departs at 21:05.

Velké Pavlovice is accessible by a direct train coming from Brno. You can find public transport time schedules here: https://jizdnirady.idnes.cz

Participants traveling to Czech Republic by bus/train/plane must book the travel tickets to be in Brno train station on 25th June at 20:30 the latest to be in time to catch the last train to Zaječí and book the return bus/train/plane tickets on 5th July with departure time after 13:00 so that there would be enough time to travel to your airports/stations from the project facilities.

Participants are advised to travel together with the same transport.

General Information

Weather conditions: the average temperature in June is between 20 and 25 0C during the day. Please check www.accuweather.com for more updated information about the weather.

Currency in Czech Republic: is Czech Koruna, 1 EURO is about 25 CZK.

Dress code: Casual comfortable clothes and shoes for indoor and outdoor activities.

Cultural nights: each country is expected to prepare a program to present their culture, to bring some typical local drinks and foods and prepare a cultural program like presentation of local tradition, music, dance etc.

Meals: three meals and two coffee breaks per day will be provided. We will take into account all the participants’ dietary aspects such as allergies, intolerances and preferences. We will also have vegetarian menu (please note that Czech Republic is not a vegetarian friendly country and the cooks might not be able to provide all kind of vegetarian dishes).

Health and travel insurance: the participants are required by Erasmus+ program to have a valid European health insurance and a valid travel insurance for the period of the projects including the travel dates.

Technical equipment: if available the participants are required to bring their own notebooks.

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