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Project  CommunicAction is a 5-day training course focused on exploring and improving the power of personal relationships, building more effective relationships within organizations and learning new ways and opportunities to think international.

CommunicAction will involve 16 youth workers in workshops, activities, reflections and evaluations held with non-formal, learning by doing and direct experience methods.

Project Details

  • Type: Erasmus+ Training Course
  • Topic: Communication, relationship
  • Place: Alessandria, Italy
  • Date: 26th August – 1st September (26th and 1st travel days)
  • Participants: 2 per country
  • Countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain
  • Working language: English
  • Application deadline: 15th of July

Participant Profile

Youth workers have to be interested in the topic. The desired age of the participants is 18 – 25 years old.  Youth workers will learn new ways to communicate efficiently with young people, partner organizations,
institutions, local and international communities. There will be workshops about self-reflection, selfawareness, self-expression, personal communication, active listening, interpersonal support, coaching, roleplay, inconvenient feelings, creativity and sharing, all developed from the perspective of communication.

Participant’s prerequisites:

  • Be present and have an active participation on all sessions
  • Show initiative and interest in the topic and follow up activities
  • Be over 18 years old


The project will take a place in Alessandria, Italy. Alessandria is sited between the Tanaro and the Bormida rivers, about 90 kilometres (56 miles) southeast of Turin. Alessandria is also a major railway hub.


Accommodation and Food

The hosting organization will provide and cover accommodation and food. The project will be held in the Hostel “Il Chiostro”, located in the city centre of Alessandria, city in the middle of Torino, Milano and Genova. Rooms will be grouped by gender. Each room has its own bathroom. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the same location everyday.



The travel cost will be reimbursed up to 275 euro for round trip.

The easiest airports to get to Alessandria are Milano Bergamo Orio al Serio and Torino Caselle.

Day of arrival (26.08.2018):
All the participants have to be in Alessandria at latest at 20.30.
Day of departure (01.09.2018):
The latest time for leaving the location is 12.00.

You must keep all the bills, boarding passes and all kinds of tickets with you because host organization needs them to reimburse your travel cost.

General Information

Health and travel insurance: Alessandria has an average temperature between 25 and 30 degrees. Please check accuweather.com for more updated information about the weather.

What to bring: slippers or sneakers for indoor and comfortable shoes for outdoor activities.

Currency: the official currency EURO.

Cultural nights: each country is expected to prepare a program to present their culture, to bring some typical local drinks and foods and prepare a cultural program like presentation of local tradition, music, dance etc. Creative methods for presentation will be used, so no power point/youtube videos will be accepted.

Meals: the host will provide you with three meals/day. The meals will take into account all the participants dietary aspects such as allergies, intolerance and preferences. They will also have vegetarian.

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